General Afir is the right-hand man of Emperor Spengo and possibly the secondary antagonist of Mom and Dad Save the World. He seems to function as the supreme commander for Emperor Spengo, or the planet's equivalent of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Spengo is a planet full of idiots, save for General Afir, who is the only intelligent man, which is presumably how he got promoted to being in charge of Spengo's armed forces. It is also likely his brainpower that causes him to defect from Emperor Spengo. When Emperor Spengo throws the protagonist, Dick Nelson, in the dungeon in order to be rid of him and take Dick's wife Marge as his bride, General Afir works to break Dick out of jail and encourages him to seek out the rebels in order to overthrow Emperor Spengo. General Afir's plan is later discovered and he is punished by being tied to the same supergun that will destroy Earth, along with Marge, although Dick manages to save them both. General Afir is last seen in the court of King Rafe, the rightful ruler of the planet, as he is presumably now in the service to King Rafe,

He is portrayed by Thalmus Rasulala, whose memory the film is dedicated in due to his death shortly after completing his scenes.