We're going to build a nation for the Reploids. That's our ultimate goal. We'll fight anyone who tries to interfere with our independence.
~ General

General is a major antagonist from Mega Man X4.


General is a gigantic robot built to serve as the leader of Repliforce, a military group of Maverick Hunters. Repliforce was created to assist the Maverick Hunters, and General proudly led them to many victories against the Mavericks, even though Maverick activities showed no sign of reducing. One day, General is approached by Sigma, disguised as a cloaked figure. Sigma attempts to convince General that the Maverick Hunters would soon turn on against Repliforce, as he reasons the Maverick Hunters only goal was to destroy any who opposed the humans. General quickly dismisses him, however, not wishing to betray the humans. Sigma leaves, but warns him that he would soon change his mind.

Some time later, the floating city of Sky Lagoon is attacked by Mavericks and falls to the ground, causing the death of thousands. Because of Repliforce's presence on the city, the Maverick Hunters label the entire Repliforce as Mavericks. Indignant, General decides to start a coup for independence to build their own Reploid nation. Though General's only intent was to avoid conflict, the Maverick Hunters are called into action and forced to fight Repliforce. Even though Magma Dragoon is revealed as the culprit behind Sky Lagoon's attack, General grows more distrustful and paranoid, building a huge satellite laser called Final Weapon, where he intended to build his utopic nation.

X and Zero make their way into the Final Weapon and confront General, who is unwilling to give up on his plans. After a fierce fight General ends defeated, but suddenly the laser cannon activates, so General realizes someone else should be controlling it. X and Zero go after the control of the weapon and find that Sigma had been behind the entire conflict the whole time, pitting the two groups against each other so they wouldn't pose a threat to his plans. After Sigma is defeated, he tells the hunters the weapon is aimed at Earth before exploding. General then decides to use his own body to stop the weapon, sacrificing himself to follow his men who died in battle.

Megaman X4 Megaman X and Zero Story Cutscene 2

Megaman X4 Megaman X and Zero Story Cutscene 2

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