Gen is an former antagonist from the Canadian-Japanese anime series Tenkai Knights. He is a dark brown haired boy that can transform into an evil Tenkai Knight known as Dromus. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

In Tenkai Knights

Personality and Appearance

Gen's personality is at first shown to be calm, cool, and collected. He dislikes people who need teammates because he thinks they're weak. It was revealed that Gen wasn't always calm and collected. Gen used to be a very positive and outgoing child just like Guren. The event that changed his personality has not been revealed yet.

Since "A New Knight", it seems that he has changed his attitude toward Guren and the others and has joined them.


  • Gen's Japanese name is Gen Inukai.
  • Though not stated, it is been hinted that Gen now acts as the fifth Tenkai Knight.
  • Gen seems to resemble Sasuke Uchiha:
    • Both have similar looks like hairstyle and clothing.
    • Both are emotionless.
    • Both share a rivalry with the main hero (Guren and Naruto).
    • Both have an unwilling collaboration with a pink-haired girl (Beni and Sakura).
    • Both are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
    • Unlike Sasuke, who turned from good to bad, Gen has turned from bad to good.