Gen-An Shiranui

No one calls me freak and lives! No one but my wife, that is.
~ Gen-An Shiranui

Gen-An Shiranui is a character from the Samurai Shodown series, appearing in the first two games and later making small cameos in other character's endings.

Gen-An is a member of the Shiranui clan, a clan with demon heritage, which is the reason for Gen-An's green skin and general ugly appearance, though he is actually considered handsome by the clan's members. Gen-An seeks to slay all demons so that he can claim himself the Demon King, much against his wife's wishes, who only wants to live a peaceful life with him.

When Shiro Tokisada Amakusa emerges from hell and spreads chaos over the world, Gen-An goes after him to kill him. During his travel, he is attacked by a female member of the clan and killed. One year later, he is revived by Mizuki Rashoujin in exchange for his servitude, and though he follows her orders, he secretly plots to kill her himself and take over the demon realm. After Mizuki is defeated, he is finally convinced by his wife and sons to return home and live in peace, after they tell he is going to have another son.