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Gemini from The Binding of Isaac.

Gemini (also known as just The Twins) is a boss of the game The Binding of Isaac and its remake The Binding of Isaac: rebirth that can appear in levels basement and cellar. Gemini is a one of the three bosses of the game that have two bosses at once.


Gemini is a conjoined twins (parasite twins) that are connected to each other umbilical cord.

The large one (named Contusion) has two theet bucked out and a missing eye with multiplie markings.


The larger one will follow the player around the room, trying to deal contact damage to him/her. eventually, he will charge with increased speed for couple seconds before stopping to take the breath, leaving vulrenable to damage. The smaller one (named Suture) will drift along from distance, and will fire fast moving blood tears towards the player if he comes near and isint behind cover. The umbilical cord works as a leash, keeping them close to each other.

Killing the Larger one will make the smaller one enraged (changin his collor to red) that will make him follow player non-stop

Champion variants


The gemini will start of with both detacrhed; homever the smaller one will get enraged when the larger one is dead (Behaving as normal) it dosen't move as fast as normal one. There is also the possibility that only the smaller one is green.


Gemini starts off with increased health, but decreased speed witch is noticable if the larger one is colored blue. This makes Gemini much easier to beat but just longer. If just the small one is blue, he will move very slow. both twins overall health is increased.


Gemini starts with two smaller ones attached to the larger one. first one will deattach when large ones health is at half and second comes off when larger is slain. While the smaller ones are attached they will regenerate health and shot three-way shots.