Gem is a program known as a Siren. She works in the armory underneath the Game Arena along with three other Sirens, outfitting programs and digitized users with armor for the games.

Gem first encountered Sam Flynn when he was captured and sentenced to fight in the arena. She and the other Sirens equipped him with his attire and Identity Disc, before offering limited advice that he simply had to survive in the games.

She later helped Sam find Zuse in the End of Line Club, also telling him that she wished she could have met him under different circumstances. A short while after, she was revealed to be in league with Castor as an accomplice in his bid for power over the Grid. This is where Jarvis attempts to hit on her

Gem was presumably derezzed when Clu 2 destroyed the End of Line Club.

Tron Legacy

In Tron Legacy, Gem is a lethal, seductive, obstreperous, uncompromising, and destructive siren. Her alluring, glitzly, pleasant, attractive, magnificent, and hypnotically beautiful persona lives up to the siren name, brought to life and played by actress Beau Garrett.


Gem possessed a straight-to-the-point, stoical temperament. She usually had a pleasant but calm and focused look on her face.
Relaxing Jem

She lived up to her title of "Siren", as like her mythological namesake, she led Sam into danger at Castor's club. She faced her imminent destruction maintaining her same stoic demeanor.

Gem has also demonstrated revulsion, as faintly displayed towards Jarvis when he tried to flirt with her.

Gem also played two sided games with programs.


  • Gem (Graphical Environment Manager) was also the name of a short-lived attempt at a graphical user interface for CPM and DOS (predating Microsoft Windows) that looked like Apple's Macintosh operating system.
  • Gem is portrayed by Beau Garrett in the 2010 film, TRON: Legacy.