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Gelwein is the main antagonist of Rune Factory Frontier.


Gelwein does not show his true nature until near the end of the game,  it would later turn out  that he does not care about the suffering of others and is willing to  kill all life.


Gelwein used to work for a Magic Research Center   he was later fired for trying to turn life it self into a wepon of war.  Gelwein then goes to seek revenge on the monarchy. He then discovered  Iris Blance and Iris Noire, witch used to be the same person that keeps Whale Island safe.   then start's a plan to collect the Runes from the Island so he can use them for his revenge. He then's  brainwash Iris Blanche and whilst using his knowledge to brainwash Iris Noire and force her to sing to collect all the Runes. when Raguna  saves   Iris Noire, and Iris Blanche. Gelwein retaliates by kidnapping Mist and   trying to brainwash her instead.banished from the kingdom of  Norad for trying to use Runes for powering weapons of mass destruction witch would of put the world at risk of being distroyed. Gelwein also starts to drain the Life Energy from a sentient floating island, condemning the island's sentience to a slow, torturous death in the process. When told that the floating island could, be completely drained of its energy,  and fall out of the sky and crush an entire town's worth of innocent people underneath it, he smugly and says that it's not his problem. He then dies after he try's to use Mist  energy to him invincible.