Gelorum in Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers.

Gelorum is the leader of the Racing Drones and is the main villain in the Hot Wheels movie series.


Gelorum and the other Racing Drones were built by the Accelerons as test drivers, these robots became a problem as they would do anything to win. The Racing Drones were abandoned on Earth when the Accelerons returned to their home world. She ruled with an iron fist as she had no concern for life – robotic or organic.

She heard Dr. Peter Tezla was starting the World Race on Highway 35 to obtain the Wheel of Power left by the Accelerons, she took this opportunity to her adventage. She hired one of the top racers, Kurt Wylde to win the race and bring her the Wheel of Power at any cost. But when he found out who she was and what her intentions were, he turned on her.

Two years later, the drones were able to take the Wheel of Power, and prevented Dr. Tezla from stopping them. With the Wheel's power, they were able to open the Racing Realms.

Now that the realms are open, the Racing Drones are free to enter and win AcceleChargers. The Racing Drones excel in manufacturing, building drivers and vehicles in mass quantities and to the required specifications. They also have the ability to reproduce and send AcceleCharger powers to drivers in need. Gelorum plans to gather enough AcceleChagers to return the Acceleron's home world and become an AcceleRacer.



  • She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.