Ever tell the teacher on me again and I'll punch you so hard your clothes will hurt!
~ Gelman

Gelman is a school bully from Disney's Recess and although sometimes shown to have a softer side he is a violent antagonist - being the principal villain of "Gus' Last Stand" in which he delivers a severe beatdown to Gus for standing up to him after days of torment.

Gelman was feared by the other children in the playground and was able to have free reign over it as a result, being bigger and meaner than anyone else meant he had no opposition: eventually after beating Gus Gelman lost his power over the playground as the other children outraged on him in order to stop the beatdown, forcing Gelman to run away as he was outnumbered.

Gelman would also return to the episode "A Great State Fair", when he and Gus were forced to stay in school during an outing - with only Ms. Finster for company, however in this appearance he was not nearly as violent: though he was still fairly antagonistic towards Gus and (surprisingly) Ms. Finster, during this episode Gelman's behavior may be explained somewhat as his father seems to have installed several negative traits in him. However, he softens up some in that episode.

Following this Gelman became a background character and was shown in a more postive light, though he could also turn violent on a whim - he would never return to being as cruel as he was in "Gus' Last Stand" however: this may be due to the fact that he lost a considerable deal of power when Gus stood up to him and thus taught the other children not to be afraid of him.

It is unknown whether Gelman is his given name or his family name.