Gellick was a massive Ooze Toad that was the guardian of the Emerald and a villain in Deltora Quest. He also supplied the Grey Guards with poison for their Blisters. He is the main antagonist of Dread Mountain, the fifth story of the Deltora Quest book series.


Dread Mountain

The Shadow Lord placed upon Gellick the task of guarding the Emerald of the Belt of Deltora. Gellick sat in a great chamber that served as the Dread Gnomes' treasure hoard inside Dread Mountain, sitting on a pile of gold coins, gold, jewels and gems, and other kinds of values, as his throne. Here the Dread Gnomes tend to his whim such as bringing him a supply of dead flies as his food. The Dread Gnomes serve as Gellick's slaves and caretakers in return for Gellick protecting them and giving them his venomous slime for their arrows. The arrowtips are dipped in the poison, and at the time of the Shadow Lord's reign and invasion they had joined forces with the Shadow Lord, and was shooting such things as the Kin with the arrows. Venom that the Dread Gnomes do not use is shipped off to the Grey Guards where it is used to make their blisters.

Lief and his group attempted to kill the monster using the Blisters they had stolen but because they were made of the same poison the toad produced, the Blisters had no effect. Fortunately Lief still had some water from the Dreaming Spring and hurled some down the throat of the toad. Because of the enchantment on it, the water from the spring cannot be consumed by those with evil hearts, causing them to turn into pale white trees, with the same, only three, branches stretching upwards which has a bunch of pale white leaves. This is a fate that Gellick was also doomed to become the largest tree.