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Gel-Shocker is a organization formed by the merging of terrorist groups Shocker and Geldam. They serve as the antagonists of Kamen Rider.


Disappointed by Shocker's numerous failures to defeat Kamen Riders Ichigo and Nigo, the Great Leader of Shocker, secretly met with an executive from Geldam, an organization from America to discuss the merging of their two organizations.

They eventually put their plans into action after the death of Ambassador Hell. Seeing that the other leaders of Shocker were unfit to join the new group, the Great Leader had them all killed off, blowing up various Shocker secret bases worldwide and having all of the Shocker Combatmen liquidated and replaced with Gel-Shocker Combatmen.

Rising from ashes of Shocker came Gel-Shocker. Despite being led by the Great Leader of Shocker, the majority of the organization's resources were provided by Geldam.


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