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Geegus is the main villain and final boss from World Heroes, returning as the penultimate boss in the second game.

Geegus is a shape-shifting creature created by the evil scientist Damudo, which he then sent to the past to conquer the world. Dr. Brown Sugar eventually learned of Geegus existence, so he reunited warriors from various eras with his time machine in order to stop Geegus. Though Geegus was defeated, Damudo created a new, enhanced version of it and once again sent it to the past, along with a new artificial lifeform called Neo Dio, but it was again defeated.

Geegus returns as the final boss in the PSP game Neo Geo Heroes, where he plays the same role as in the World Heroes games.


  • Geegus was obviously based on the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

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