Gebacondor Shocker Kaijin

Gebacondor is a condor monster. He was based on the data of the previous monsters defeated by Kamen Rider #1 and was constructed specifically to surpass him in battle. He needed the blood of virgins to be complete, initially using a church for his attacks, but soon attack a large number of different people. He was flight capable, able to move fast enough to disappear from human sight during brief moments, also was able to produce strong winds by flapping his wings. He initially defeated Kamen Rider #1 in direct combat, and, even in their initial rematch, still overpowered him. However, Kamen Rider #1 used the Cyclone bike and destroyed him with a Cyclone Crusher attack.

Gebacondor was quickly resurrected by Shocker as part of the Revived Kaijin Army, but was destroyed in battle by Tokageron's special bomb. Tokageron and the Big Monster Army Later, Gebacondor is reconstructed again to act as an auxiliary fighting force, helping Mukaderas. He tried to help keep Kamen Rider #2 away from children brainwashed by Shocker. However, he could not keep up with the new Rider and was easily defeated twice. Destroyed by Kamen Rider #2's Rider Kick. Mukadelas Monster Classroom Gebacondor also made a brief return appearance in the monster army of the Kamen Rider vs. Shocker movie, but did not actually have an active participation there.