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Geb - the angry god

Geb was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series "Mummies Alive!".
He was a violent giant made of rock that allied with Scarab after the dark sorcerer awakened him in the modern age, tricking the monster into believing it was prince Rapses that had really awakened him, Geb was infuriated at this and planned on destroying his "summoner".
Geb was ordered to appear at sunset and did so, though at first he was unsure what sunset meant as he was extremely dim-witted (despite being a god).
When he arose from the river once more Geb was confronted by the mummies, who tried to convince him of the truth but he wouldn't listen and attacked them.
However in the end Scarab's own arrogance got the better of him and he admitted to having been the true summoner, prompting Geb to attack him instead.

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