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The Gearheads are one of the bandit clans featured in RAGE. The Gearheads are the most intelligent bunch of bandits in theWasteland. Not relying solely on brute force for survival, these bandits have built advanced machinery and weaponry that make them a force to be reckoned with. They believe that technology is their way to salvation and thus despise nature. They vow not to let "Mother Nature" destroy them again.

The Gearhead clan is the most technologically advanced and dangerous bandit clan in the Eastern Wasteland.


Some believe that the founding members of this group may have been Ark survivors. Their accents may suggest that they are of former Russian or Eastern European descent, some of them even comment about missing "Mother Russia" and even how some locations remind them of Chernobyl (Ukraine). References to vodka and borsch and Slavic names further imply their Eastern European origins.

They all wear body armor making them the most extensive armor users of all the bandit clans; it consists of a combination of thick metal plates (usually on their thighs and shoulders), metal helmets, and purpose built armor that appears to be of former police or military origin. As a result of this armor Gearheads are almost as tough to kill as the Authority enforcers and they are encountered in far greater numbers. Gearheads are skilled engineers and technicians; they often make use of salvaged or reconstructed technology to make their lives easier and to hinder their enemies including custom built flame traps/barriers, flamethrowers, spinning blade traps, electrical barriers, and even the very deadly advanced sentry bot.

The vast majority of the Gearheads are mostly armed with assault rifles; some use handguns, shotguns, flaming baseball bats and grenades. They also employ a surprising number of heavy armor suits and not just the standardminigun variety but also a flamethrower one, which is called Gearhead Jet. A few well-placed shots to the fuel tank will send them flying and later explode. Their intelligence does not extend to combat as one might think; the Gearheads are only somewhat more competent than the Wasted. They constantly shout insults at their foes (often while throwing grenades) indicating that engineering skill and discipline don't go hand in hand, but they do make effective use of cover. It's not their combat prowess that's the true threat but the combination of their numbers, tough body armor and relatively good technology (especially their sentry bots) that make them a force to be reckoned with. If the player were to use crafty manuevering and AP rounds, the Gearheads would make an easy kill.

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