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Gaylord Steambath

Full Name
Minecraft: The N00b Adventures
Server Op
Powers / Skills
Item generation, teleporting self/others, kicking/banning players from server
Griefing, building (occasionally)
To abuse his operating powers on other players for entertainment
Type of Villain
Sadist, Psychopath, Dictator, God Wannabe

"Oh, my little Pwny. Oh, look at you now, you've fallen from grace. I am so sorry I had to put you down; however, YOU should not be disclosing any more privileged information..."

~Gaylord Steambath, shortly after killing PwnyRainb0w

Gaylord Steambath is the main antagonist of Minecraft: The N00b Adventures. he is a griefer who was accidentally given operating powers and control of the server in which the series takes place. when he began to destroy other players' creations, they launched an attack against Gaylord Steambath, but failed due to him endlessly regenerating his health with golden apples, cooked porkchops, and the like. after the battle, many players either left, or were banished into the Nether by Gaylord.


Gaylord could have been a regular on the server he now rules. At one point in the time he was there he talks the original admin of the server Lord_Server to give him operating power and possibly bans him from the server, and that's where his reign began.


Gaylord Steambath is considered to be a sociopathic villain, feeling virtually no emotions and can go on a rampage at any moment. He is also very manipulative seeing that he conned Lord_Server into giving him adminship, and into presumingly giving another character Milky_Dad freedom if he betrays the three heroes. He talks in a very strained voice like a tortured soul and his diologe consists of very poetic, metaphorical things in a way to show that he is doing this for his own "Entertainment"


Gaylord's motive is basically, he's a Schadenfreude a person who takes pleasure in other people's misery. He waits for people to log in so he can win them over. But when players start building fantastical stuff he goes directly or secretively to that structure and he feels the joy.


  • He is played by Falconer02's brother Jim Schwartzfenger in the series and on the server under the name Savage Monorail.
  • He is actually one of the few villains that are real and can be met in person.

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