Gavla is the minor antagonist of the BIONICLE series. She also serves as one of the antagonists in the 2008 storyline.She was a female Av-Matoran who lived in Karda Nui with Tanma, Photok, Solek, Kirop and Radiak before she was corrupted by one of the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta and she became one of the Shadow Matoran.



Prior of the main event of the story, Galva and the other Av-Matoran were created on the Southern Continent in 100,000 years ago. Later, she was sent to Karda Nui, where she assisted in the preparation of the cavern for Mata Nui's use. After the preparations were completed, she and the other Av-Matoran went back to the Southern Continent.

Some time after the Great Cataclysm, Gavla and the other Av-Matoran went back to Karda Nui, where they set up the villages in the large cavern.

Turning to evil

A week after Toa Matoro sacrificed his life on reviving Mata Nui by using the Kanohi Ignika, Tanma and Gavla were seen setting up the ScareRahi around their village. While they are tending the ScareRahi, they suddenly heared a strange sound and went to investigate. There, they found that one of the ScareRahi moves and what they did not know in this point is that one of the ScareRahi was Makuta Vamprah in disguise. Upon seeing this, Tanma and Galva tried to run back to their village as Vamprah sprang out from his hiding spot and chased after them.