Gavin's human form


Gavin's Dragon form

Gavin Rose is a minor antagonist from the book "Fablehaven". He has a dragon form and a human form. He is defeated in his dragon form and met in his human form. In the book, he is defeated by Kendra and Seth after they accidentally fly Raxtus into his back, knocking him off a cliff and into a chasm. Raxtus, Kendra, and Seth fall in too, only to land on a tiny overhang. In the rare manga edition of "Fablehaven", Siletta tackles Gavin, giving Courtney (In the book, she is referred to as "Silph" more) enough time to spray poison in his face, making him unconscious. After that, Siletta, Courtney, and Raxtus shove him off the cliff.

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