Gava (天王鬼ギャバ, Emperor Devil Gava) is the main villain and final boss from Super Contra and Contra III: The Alien Wars and a major recurring boss in the series. The "sister" of Black Viper, Gava is a large skeletal alien with a bulbous head and elongated snake arms with faces on them.

On it's first attack on Earth, Gava and the Red Falcon forces under it's command take over a military base and brainwash the soldiers to serve them, which prompts the government forces to send Contra soldiers Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to fight them. After fighting through the alien-infested base, the two confront Gava and defeat it, putting a halt to the alien's operations. Two years later, Gava once again appears, descending from the skies with the Red Falcon forces and annihilating an entire city, thus beginning the Alien Wars. Bill and Lance are once again sent to fight the Red Falcon's forces, along with various other soldiers, many of which perish during the combat. Bill and Lance eventually reach Gava's lair, fighting the many alien abominations within and finally destroying Gava for good. Despite it's death, Gava would be revived many times throughout the series by the use of the alien cells which are collected by the government in the aftermath of the Alien Wars.