Gauntlet is a villain who first appeared in Hawk and Dove Vol.3 1.


Douglas Strange was a technological genius when it came to robotics. Hired by the United States government during the days of the Cold War, he invented a number of weapons systems and devices to be used in the event of a nuclear war. Strange had the foresight to patent many of his inventions, making himself enormously wealthy. Strange fell in loved with a captivating woman named Andromeda, and the two were married soon after.

Retiring from government service, the two purchased an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was then that Douglas started work on his dream project: to create the world's first true android. Met with scorn and derision by many of his peers, the shunned scientist continued his work.

A extraterrestrial rocket ship crash landed on their island home soon after, bringing with it a mechanical life form Douglas dubbed Scarab. Taking the Stranges captive, the alien consumed scrap metal to nourish its offspring. When that no longer was sufficient, Scarab demanded that Douglas bring it large quantities of gold. When he refused, Scarab killed Andromeda. It then placed a twisted copy of her memories and personality into one of Strange's android prototypes and threatened to "kill" the android Andromeda permanently if Douglas wouldn't cooperate. He reluctantly agreed.

With the use of one of his last government sponsored creations, Douglas Strange started a criminal career as the armed and armoured Gauntlet.