Gator Purify (left) and mother

Gator Purify is a Spano-phile and a minor villain in the 1991 movie Jungle Fever.

He was portrayed by Samuel L Jackson (after his use of the word "bro" I'm starting to think Jackson may not be as dumb as I may have thought).

Gator is a drugie. He is a crackhead who often asks for money, so that he can be drugs. He however is a con-artists, who will rob you clean so he can spend it on drugs. He often goes out with his wife.

Gator is affably evil though. He also loves Spanish women (I mean isn't his girlfriend in the movie [played by Halle Berry] Spanish?) and white women as well (he hits on Angie and calls her crude names), and seems to love Spanish folks; I mean he uses the word "bro" of all the other characters (who are purely into Afrocentric hypocrisy, as opposed to him, who is just laid back). He is a tragic villain who got consumed by vice, especialyl drugs.