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Gator is a hairdresser at the Lipstick Beauty Salon in Female Trouble, a film by John Waters. He is also the husband of Dawn Davenport.

Gator is introduced as a whiny, wimpy, hapless pervert whose Aunt Ida nags him for being straight. He reaffirms that he is only interested in women. Later, much to his Aunt Ida's dismay, he falls in love with Dawn Davenport. They get married too.

Throughout their married life, Gator is a womanizing alcoholic and a pervert. Sick of his infidelities and his perversion, Dawn Davenport finally leaves him and asks the Lipstick Beauty Salon staff to fire him, which they do. Following their divorce, Ida tries to set him up with a gay man, and tries to turn him queer. Instead, he is uninterested and announces his plans to leave Baltimore for Detroit, as he is sick of hairdressing and wants to work for the auto industry. Ida is devestated by this. Afterwards, he makes his way to Dawn's house. He then punches her in the face for divorcing him and getting her fired. He leaves her home and is never seen again.

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