Gates Becker is the leader of the Beyond Coast Police Department and one of the main antagonists of Policenauts.


Gates meets Jonathan and Ed in the BCP and leads the AP forces patrolling Beyond. Through some reports, Gates ends up yelling at Jonathan and Ed. While Jonathan and Ed try to gather evidence to expose Tokugawa for his crimes, the evidence is later changed when Gates conducts a raid on Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals, and Hojo is found dead, shot using Jonathan's gun. Jonathan is framed for the murder, and arrested, with Tokugawa and Gates chortling menacingly to themselves.

Near the end of the game, Jonathan is confronted by Gates in the garden of the Tokugawa building, shooting Jonathan non-fatally in the arm and ranting about how hard traveling through space was. While listening to Gates' speech, Jonathan records it on camera, exposing Tokugawa and his plans to the entire colony. Enraged, Gates nearly tries to kill Jonathan, but Ed manages to come to Jonathan's rescue and, getting over his fear of guns, shoots Gates in the head. His EMPS suit then malfunctions and crashes and explodes, sending Gates' head flying past through the explosion.