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Stupid little fool,didn't your sweet darling mommy warn you?If you run into a scary man,protect your wallet AND your ass or you're get it in the end....
~ Gates rambling right before killing the Balic's militia.
You know, i could use a haircut...
~ Gates's last words.
Gates is the primary antagonist of the anime Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid.Known as Mr Kalium in the Light Novels. One of the few know Amalgam's principal and most brutal agents,He took over the rank of Gauron short after his apparent demise. Like Gauron, Gates showed interest in fighting the ARX-7/ Arbalest,Until the same Arm Slave lead him to his demise in Hong Kong.

Gates was in charge of Amalgam's Execution Squad,whose job was to terminate targets that compromise or impair Amalgam.When Gates is sent into action, his patience will be little and his constant eccentrities will often cause people to try to kill him, if he didn't kill anybody yet.

Gates didn't have an active antagonistic role and only confronted Sosuke twice,He was almost all the time showed off-action doing is own deeds and hobbies such as extorting,swimming, watching pornografic movies of dubious legalitzation (zoophilia) or mistreating his squad members.

When it comes to work,Gates was always girded by his squad,normally their number varies from seven to five members,Gates always operated with his Plan-1058 Codarl-i,equipped with two Gatling Cannons as first weapon,Monomolecular Cutter as a short-ranked weapon,and a Lambda Driver.

The Second Raid

In episode 2,Gates task was to contact with Colonel Marius from the Republic of Balic's militia,who received considerable aid from Amalgam against the anti-militia guerrilla and now he was unwilling to pay for the borrowed services,and make him pay,whatever means possible.

Taking more of a protagonist role in the episode,Gates is first showed in episode two,traveling in a military helicopter to the Republic of Balic with his squad of 4 members,and the Xia Yu twins in a ruined city of Taboli showed in episode 1.Gates uses binoculars to analyze the battlefield,and guiding himself with the sets of footprints and fire marks quickly deduces every movement made by Mithril's Agents in the previous episode,aldoe his subordinate questions his results,Gates remarks convincingly that it's "The White A.S" work, making a manic grin in the process.


Gates's debut in episode 2.

With his subordinate constantly questioning his judgement,Gates begins to narrate the battlefield analytics as a baseball match commentator,changing his calmly mood into a energized run,and with all the rambling,his underling doesn't notice that Gates put his feet on his back,pushing him out the helicopter and making him fall in the river,after that,Gates recovers his calm and proceeds to see the client.

The Republic of Balic's militia and Amalgam's agents found each other in a desolate baseball field,where Marius shows once more that he clearly doesn't want to pay,Gates then threatens him and shortly after,he mortally shots the Colonel in the head,and orders his squad to kill Marius's men,while he,for not hearing the massacre,begins to randomly sing the Ave Maria.

While Gates finished his bizarre singing,his execution squad has already killed every militia member in the field.Gates then acts with surprise,realizing he cannot collect the money now that his client is dead.Then,when of his subordinates reproach him that he is the one who ordered the attack in the first place,Gates opens fire against the squad member,Gates approaches the dead soldier and begins to shake him,telling him that he shouldn't blame the others for "his own" mistakes.Shortly after,Gates shockingly realizes that the man (he killed)is dead,and begins to dramatically complain about the world,saying that such senseless death and violence makes him sad,Xia Yu Lan,being present the moment of the random murder,calls Gates an idiot.

Gates evil grin

Gates Evil Grinn.

Violently pushing Lan's mouth with his pistol,Gates sadistically scolds the girl,saying that if she doesn't apologize,he will be forced to give her a spanking,pushing his pistol forward and making her gums bleed,the Xia Yu twin doesn't show any display of pain,making Gates grow bored and leave her with her sister,Gates gives the order of withdrawal to the execution squad,but firstly he mocks the twins saying that their master,Gauron,has become a pile of food fish,and later heads to the helicopter singing.In the last scene of the episode,he is showed staring into the sky into the helicopter,after a long silence,he offhandedly says that he needs to shit.

Gates appeared again at the beginning of episode 3 and in all episode 4.In Nanjing city,Jiangsu.Charged with the task of escolting five north chinese official whom were taken as hostages by Amalgam,to the Nanjing Yangtze River Underground Tunnel.Escolted with three Rk-92 Riveni.Gates watches calmly as his subordinates anihilates the northren chines forces.Then suddently,he encourages the Savages to keep killing them.After various gunshots,Amalgam forces encounters with a police barricade,warning them not to go any further,before the police officer could finish the sentence,Gates interrupts him rambling as always,pulls out an rpg 7v2 from the car and opens fire at the police cars.The Savages follow Gates's orders shooting at the barricade,causing a massive explosion and the certain death of all the northren chinese police members.Gates once again shows complete disregard for human life,screaming the actual events as a some sort of sport match and describing Nanjin as an "Arena" while his car and the Savages operatives enter into the Nanjing tunnel,leaving left a trail of destruction.

Middle 1122480361

His moves are pure art, and the audience is going FREAKING NUTS!

Using an information technology expert,Captain Vincent Bruno, to leak and sabotage all the communications of Mithril into Amalgam's channel,and infiltrating an expert trained assassin,Yu Lan,among the other hostages,the next step of Amalgam's plan was to wait for the Mithril's agents to come into the tunnel and ambush them.

If Mithril's presence is destroyed,the neutral zone of Jiangsu would be compromised,and with the northern chinese officers missing,the tension between North and South China would rise at the scale of a civil war, a war which Amalgam would take profit for years.

Gates's only preoccupation seemed to be only wait for the Arbalest and fight him.When one of the sensors detected him,Gates referred to the Arbalest as "more beautiful that what he's heard",saying that,otherwise,the entire Amalgam operation would be meaningless.Gates then proceeds to assign targets with his available pawns:Xia Yu Fan,equipped with a Zy-98 Shadow,would take care of a M9E Gernsback controlled by Kurz Weber, and Xia Yu Lan,camouflaged as a hostage,would kill a rescue squad,leaded by Melissa Mao,leaving only himself,with his Venom against Sousuke Sagara with the famous Arbalest.

Sousuke later finds himself surrounded by three Savages and Gates.Gazing at the enemy Venom,Sousuke is astonished,for this was the Arm Slave of his old Nemesis,Gauron.While he is remembering Gauron's death,gates interrupts his thoughts,raising an arm of his Venom with its thumb gotten up,he sarcastically warns Sousuke that he shouldn't move,or his bullets might miss him,then he drops the thumb,representing the Pollice Verso of the ancient roman's amphitheatre.With that sign,the three Savages behind the Arbalest begins the shooting.Sousuke quickly eliminates one of the three and shoots the Venom with his XM 18 Wire Gun,Gates quickly activates his Lambda Driver and eliminates the shoot.Shortly After,Gates gives the order of a non-seizing fire against the Mithril's forces,and begins to chase the Arbalest,with Bruno's help,Gates discovers that the Arbalest is withdrawing to the point 0312,seeming only to clash against the Arm Slave,Gates keeps hunting down Mithril agents and acquiring data of their every move,at the point of saying that he has preparing for this day for a long time (possibly he refers of proving himself stronger over the Arbalest)

At one point,Captain Testarossa deduces that their communications have been leaked,and decides to put up the strategy of the Cretans (giving reversed orders),following the opposite of the orders,Gates ends up chasing Arbalest,who is moving into position 3,and orders Yu Fang to assist him.It doesn't take long until the twin realizes that is a trap,so he retreats to find his sister and escaping.On the other hand,Gates confidently follows Arbalest and orders his men to wait patiently and jump them when they come.

Middle 1123084835

Gates glancing at the Arbarest.

Finally,Gates arrives into position 3,only to find three of his Savages and not the Arbalest,then,Gates notices three Arm Slaves in a higher position and realizes that it was a trap.When the shooting begins,Mithril's agents quickly destroys the three Savages Units and only Venom remains,using his Lambda Driver to create a energy field,then Sousuke tries to overheat Venom's energy field by using his own Lambda Driver,but the confrontation ends up with Venom's driver overcoming Arbalest's.Gates then mocks Sousuke saying that he let him down and he should just kill him right there.Ironically,Gates realizes that his own Lambda Driver is overheated and is forced to withdraw,making the entire tunnel of Nanjing city explode,warning the protagonist that he will remember this encounter before he runs away.Again,Gates operation turns to be a failure once more.

This time,in episode 5,Gates is shown off-action,trying to reform his errors in episode 4,Gates is enjoying his free day in a private pool while he he is talking by radio with a member of his execution squad.After the incident on Jiangsu,Vincent Bruno tries to save himself from Mithril,hiding at somewhere in Sicily with a member of the Italian Mafia.It doesn't take long until Mithril finds out where he is,and sent Sergeant Major Melissa Mei and Kurz Weber to capture him.If Mithril captures Bruno,loads of Amalgam's information will be discovered,and Gates task was to wipe him out for saving his organitzation that nuisance.Sending 3 Savages,Gates wait until Bruno was captured by Mei and put him away from the mafia's cover.After a long pursuit,three Savages beguins to shot Mei and Kurz,now in a car rided by Sousuke,only to be destroyed by a Mithril's M9D/A4-1 Falke,piloted by Belfangan Clouseau.Gates receives the news from his subordinate while he is swiming and,in and impulsive act of rage,he drags his partner into the pool and drowns him,recovering from his anger,he says that he cannot allow himself to fail again,Meanwhile the twins are following a diferent road.


"And i can't afford o keep failing like this. I need to score some points somewhere else!"

Episode 6,where the deadly Xia Yu twins go rogue and steal a Plan- 1056 Codarl  or Belial,when Gates is informed about it while he is spending his time masturbating odd zoophilic videos of little mammals such as kittens or squirrels,Gates wonders why did they betrayed him since he did "satisfact them,although they were underage",making an unintentional joke.immediately changes his channel and connects his television to the Belial's communication,after a short chat with Yu Fan,he discovers that the twins are planning to kill Sousuke Sagara and Chidori,for avenging their master, Gauron

Appearing again in episode 8 for a bit in Amalgam's warehouse,while he is eating some kind of energy bar,Leonard Testarossa pays him a visit,he warns Gates how important it is to find the twins,and offers his aid to track them down.Gates just simply say to Leonard to stand aside and watch.While Leonard is on his way to kill the rogue Amalgam agent Xia Yu Lan,Gates gathers his own Execution Squad and enough Venoms to take her down.In episode 11,another scene is showed where Gates is holding a knife with his teeth,at the edge of the knife is balancin an apple,then,Gates beguins to talk to his abused underling of how important balance is in these types of work,throwing the apple with the knife to the head of his subordinate and later burst it with his gun.Drastically changing of conversation,he says how impacient he is to see Yu Lan again,the subordinate acts confused,since the twin died at the hands of a Plan-1211 Alastor,obiously Gates refeers to the body of the girl,saying that there's plenty of uses for that,intending a black joke about nechrophilia.

Hqdefault (1)-1

Gates preparing for one las assault against Mithril.

During the series,the crisis between North and South China rises,but Amalgam seek to have everything under control.Gates and his Execution Squad of Venoms are tasked with the termination of the former agent Xia Yu Fan.At episode 12,Gates receives a call from the mobile of the deceased Xia Yu Lan while he observes her corpse,while his men triangulates Yu Fan's position,Gates answers to the phone,lightening his voice,he mocks Yu Fan pretending he is her sister,saying that "she"is being captured by bad guys and are hurting her,grieved,Yu Fan hangs up.

In the same episode,Yu Fan's Belial is detected in Hong Kong,as soon as he is aware,Gates and his Executions Squad goes to pay her a visit.

Episode 13, while Closeau's Falke is partially destroyed by Xia Yu Fan's Lambda Driver,who is weakened by the encounter of Mithril's forces.That's when Gates show up.Yu Fan explains to him that if Amalgam fails,she and her sister will be satisfied,since Amalgam was the responsible behind the war that destroyed Xia Yu's hometown.Speaking about her sister,Gates does a sickening trick,he shows the corpse of his dead sister to her and,caught by the arms,he beguins to play with her like some toy,Then,Yu Fan rages against Gates and begins to fight him.Gates himself follows the fight and,with his Monomolecular Cutter,destroys Yu Fan's Venom,opening the ribcage of the Arm Slave and killing the twin in the process.


Gates playing with the little twin's corpse.

It doesn't take long until Gates puts his eye on Closeau,disposed to killing him just for fun.BUt as soon as he deploys his two Gatling Cannons,he is shooted in the back by a empowered Arbalest.Reacting quickly,Gates shots at the White Arm Slave,but his bullets just serve for empowering his force field and impulse the bullets to one of the Execution Squad members.Gasping astonished,Gates sent every member on the squad onto Sousuke,who quickly manages to kill another Venom while the Arbalest reaches a roof.Gates and another Venom jumps over him,Sousuke quickly uses the Lambda Driver to pull him back, uses his chain gun to destroy the other Venom,and manages to break the gatling Cannons and the monomolecular cutter of Gates,leaving him defenseless.

After Sousuke kills the remaining Venom,Gates retreats to the injured Falke and takes Closeau as a hostage.Desperate and nervous,he show his surprise to see how powerful the Arbalest has become and angrily growls who is the man that pilots him,Sousuke responds him while he is walking onto his position,Gates,who is completely trapped,stays freezed,and while Sousuke says his complete name,he throws a punch that generates a wave of force just behind Falke.In his last moments,Gates releaves himself,ignoring the situation,and touches his sideburns,wondering if he could use another haircut,right before the energy wave obliterates him.


Gates, moments after his death.



Gates was an absolute lunatic, which is saying something when it comes to Full Metal Panic villains. Overemotional as if he were a child playing with toys,except that living people were those toys for him. Gates couldn't contain himself for much long, displaying precipitate acts of violence and impulsivity

.Xia Yu Fan and Lan seemed to be in disgust with that mad-man,and even Gauron described Gates as "scary".Arrogant,overconfident and stubborn.he didn't accept any other way of doing things but his:beating and killing everything in sight with little hesitation,even if it does no good.Even when he messes up ,he doesn't take any responsibilities and normally blame his underlings (and kills them). At one point he didn't seemed to recognise that he had killed one of his troopers seconds ago, aldoe that could be just another of his dramatic, random short-acts.

In most of the episodes he seemed to constantly change his mood,going for appeased to incredibly energized and overdramatic within seconds,It could be that he have dual personality or simply bipolar disorder.It appears too that he was a nihilist,having only motivations in destroying the Arbalest in the first episodes, aldoe he really tried to escape Sousuke in the final chapter, moments right before his demise, he really didn't care about dying, or anything else.

Gates was also a pervert, often abusing the Xia Yu twins, threatening them wit a "spankin" and calling them "Kittens" (Lolita in the japanese episodes.).He reached the point to thinking of exploiting the corpse of Xia Yu Fan.His depravity doesn't stop there,going as far as having videos and images of small mammals (squirrels or kittens) being rubbed or touched in his office.

Despite this,he showed great knowledge of tactical analysis and proved to be an expert shooter,capable of hitting a target far away and even in movement with a single pistol. He was also more trained in the subject of his own Arm Slave, defeating Xia Yu Fan in mere seconds, who already was a considerable fighter. Despite that, Gates is never up to a quick fight, picking defenseless foes with little chance of surviving one mere attack.


  1. In early episodes and in the drama audio,it showed that Gates was a dabbler of commentary match,describing the events around him as a sportmatch.
  2. Despite being the main antagonist of the season,Gates didn't take the role of a personal antagonist since he didn't knew about Sousuke until the very end of his life.
  3. For unknown reasons,Gates used the same arm slave as Gauron.
  4. It is very possible that he had some disputes with Gauron in his past at Amalgam.
  5. His original japanese voice actor,  Hochu Otsuka, also played Jiraya, who was also a pervert. However had far more disturbing sexual tendencies then Jiraya had.

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