You're dead meat.
~ Gary to Jesse

Gary Fulcher is the one of the main antagonists (next to Scott Hoager and the Dark Master) from the novel Bridge to Terabithia and its movie versions. He is a 5th grader who often bullies Jesse Aarons at school. His sidekick is Greg Williams in the novel. In the movie, he himself is the sidekick of Scott Hoager.

He was portrayed by Tyler Popp in the 1985 film version, and by Elliot Lawless in 2007 film version.



Gary visits the same class as Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke. He sits right behind Jesse and often insults him during lessons. During the first school day, Gary attempts tho grab the picture Jesse is drawing during the lesson. When Mrs. Myers rebukes them, Gary blames Jesse for standing on his foot, but the teacher, luckily, doesn't believe him.

During the break time, Gary organizes the race, commanding all children around. He strongly believes in his victory, just like Jesse does. When Leslie wants to join the race, Gary tells her it's not for girls, but she runs nevertheless and wins her single-elimination tournament. Gary attempts to send her away again, but Jesse upholds the girl who is then allowed to race. Leslie eventually beats all boys, including angry Gary.

Later, when Jesse and Leslie become friends, Gary commonly bullies the boy for having a girlfriend, but Jesse doesn't care about that.


In the 2007 film version, Gary and Scott swap their roles. It is Scott now who insults Jesse all the time. Gary, a fat, freckled boy with short ginger hair, sits next to Jesse in the classroom and often tells him ominously that he is "dead meat".

At the scratch-line, Gary stands on Jesse's left side while Scott is on left one, in opposite of the book where they race in different single-elimination tournaments. Gary doesn't care about Leslie at all, but keeps calling Jesse "dead meat".

Gary and Scott are later waiting for Jesse and Leslie in front of the school to bully them, but have no chance to, as their victims enter the building alongside with their teacher, Miss Edmunds.

When Leslie tragically lost her life, Gary and Scott are unsympathetic to Jess, but up the ante on their bullying, going as far as to taunt Jess about it. Jess quickly retaliates and punches Scott across the room, however, Gary, being bigger than Scott, is later beaten up by Janice Avery, who was sympathetic for Jess after Leslie befriended her.