Gary Adams

Gary Adams was a minor villain in Coronation Street and appeared in July 2001 in a storyline in which he groomed 14-year old Sarah Louise Platt on an internet chatroom and kidnapped her.


In July 2001 14-year old Sarah began chatting to Gary online, believing him to be a boy her age. When she went round to his house, she was shocked to find a man in his 30s, although he claimed that he was Gary's father. But it turned out this man was in fact Gary himself and had lied online. Sarah's parents Martin and Gail traced Sarah's whereabouts to his house, however he lied that she wasn't there and manged to get them to leave.

Sarah found Gary creepy and called her friend Candice to pick her up. Gary locked Sarah in his bedroom and when Candice and her boyfriend Todd arrived to collect Sarah, Gary lied that she returned home. But when they spotted Sarah at the window calling for help, they called Gail who arrived with neighbour Dennis and they broke into the house and Gary was knocked out, and Sarah rescued. He was later arrested and taken into custody, but later released on bail.

A month following the incident the police contacted Gail revealing they wouldn't be pressing any charges against him.