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Gary (VG)
Gary was a human survivor and an antagonist in the Walking Dead video-game, being a bandit by nature he tried to kill Mark with a crossbow and is suggested to have been responsible for many other deaths - both to zombies and innocent survivors.

When the bandits launched their attack on the motel camp he joined several others in holding the group at gunpoint. However after Lilly (The Walking Dead) sniped the leader, If Carley or Doug is saved, Carley or Lee shoots and kills him and a fellow bandit Linda is killed by Doug or is killed along kith Gary by Carley. However if with Doug instead of Carley he only shoots Linda and the player has a choice to kill either Gary or another bandit, Drew. If he chooses not to kill Gary then he will run to the wall and jump over it (the player has the option to shoot him in the but, however either way he makes it) and signal dozens of other bandits to come and attack the camp.he will then start shooting at ben almost shooting him but he is shot in the head by lee soon after

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