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Garuru saluting.

Garuru is a character in Sgt. Frog (also known as Keroro Gunso).


First Lieutenant Garuru (Garuru Chui) is a Keronian S-rank sniper, a first lieutenant of the Keron Army, and the leader of the Garuru Platoon. The Keron Army sent the Garuru Platoon to replace the Keroro Platoon in their mission to conquer Pekopon. Garuru defeated his younger brother Giroro in a one-on-one gun match, but was later defeated in a rematch. Thanks to the Keroro Platoon's friendship and united power, the Garuru Platoon was defeated. It was however strongly hinted that Garuru's true mission was merely to test the abilities of the Keroro Platoon.

Garuru is known for being an ideal platoon leader: powerful, strictly no-nonsense in battle, and gravely intimidating. However, Garuru does show a lighter side once in a while, especially when matters concern his younger brother Giroro. Humorously, he has trouble using chopsticks.

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