The Garuda is the main antagonist of the second season of the television series Lost Girl.

He is portrayed by Raoul Trujillo.

He is the last of an ancient species that existed before the Fae. They thrived by feeding on the Fae's hatred and aggression. Though they were presumed to have gone extinct before the Faes' time, they had merely hidden, and secretly started a war between the two clans: Light and Dark. The Great War was long and bloody. It was eventually stopped when Trick McCorrigan, the Blood King and grandfather of the series protagonist, Bo, had used his blood to force an end to the war by writing the laws of the fae.

Though this sudden peace had starved many of the Garuda, they did not all die. One particular individual simply became dormant and went into hibernation for centuries. It wasn't until Trick used his blood writing again, this time to help Bo against her mother, Aife, when he finally awoke.

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