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Garrett Krebs
Garrett Krebs is the villain in the Proud Family Halloween Special. He was the original owner of the house that the Proud Family resides in until he died of a heart attack 30 years ago. On Halloween night, Peterson, the man who sold the house to the Prouds comes back to warn Oscar Proud that Garrett's ghost is coming back to haunt them, but Oscar didn't listen. Later Garrett appeared at the mansion and by coming into the house mystically and with Oscar thinking he's a magician, Garrett decides to bide his time at the place by performing certain magic tricks that grabs the parties

Later when the real magician shows up, Krebs exposes his true colors as the intimidating ghost that Peterson warned Oscar about, scaring the magician and the guests out of the house but traps the Prouds and Papi inside with him and then uses his powers to lift the house up into the sky to prevent the family from escaping. Then after telling them they were a happy family and ignoring Oscar on what excuse he had to explain, Krebs attempts to end their lives but he was stopped by a super powered Penny, who spins him around in a tornado and throws him up higher into the air, destroying him and returning the house back to the ground where it was.