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Eating her is honoring her. Otherwise, it's just murder!
~ Hobbs explains his attitude towards his victims

Garret Jacob Hobbs, also known as The Minnesota Shrike, is a minor villain in the NBC's TV show Hannibal. Despite his death in the first episode, he drastically impacts Will's life throughout the earlier season - appearing as a hallucination after Will shot him.

He is portrayed by Vladimir Jon Cubrt.


Hobbs used to go hunting with his daughter Abigail. On one occasion, his daughter managed to shoot a doe and Hobbs explained to her that they would use every part of the doe as a way of honoring her. He claimed that otherwise, it would just have been murder. This mentality would later show in his killings, with Hobbs going as far as remorsefully bringing the corpse of one of his victims (the girl had cancer so he couldn't eat her organs) back to her room as a way of showing remorse. Ironically, this act would lead the FBI on his case, causing his demise.


Garret Hobbs on his phone with Hannibal Lecter, who later drove him to insanity and demise.

Hobbs was a serial killer who abducted and killed eight young women. They were all from eight different Minnesota campuses and had the same eye color, hair color and were the same age. Garret's resignation letter led Will Graham to investigate him. After receiving a call from Hannibal Lecter, warning him that the FBI was onto him, he murdered his wife and attempted to do the same to his daughter but was stopped by Will Graham who shot him ten times. Graham and Lecter saved the life of his daughter, Abigail.


After Will killed Garret, he began to have nightmares with Garret Jacob Hobbs, the stag and the Stag-Man (which represents Hannibal Lecter).


He should have killed you, so he wouldn't kill me!
~ Elise Nichols, one of Garret's victims, yells at Abigail in her nightmare.
  • D. Woodword
  • A. Anderson
  • R. Winn
  • S. Olsen
  • L. Sorenson
  • D. Latimer
  • P. Cohen
  • Elise Nichols
  • Louise Hobbs (his wife; slashed her throat)
  • Abigail Hobbs (attempted; slashed her throat)


  • He appears in the flashback at the end of Red Dragon book.


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