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The popular will win, the hated will lose, it's such a tragedy. Then I won't lose to anyone. I will become the strongest monster ever and change this scenario.
~ Garou

Garou is the most dangerous antagonist of the 2015 anime One-Punch Man and a dark reflection of the main protagonist Saitama. He was the discipline of Bang, however he was kicked out from his dojo for massacred many of the students, after that event The Hero Association viewed him as an enemy called "Human Monster" He is also main antagonist of the Hero Hunt Saga.


When he was a child he was unpopular and can be seen reading a book, one day he played heroes with a popular kid named Tacchan and impersonated the role of the monster, when he was kicked in the face by Tacchan he called the teacher but other children defended Tacchan by saying to her that that's how the game worked.

He later watched an episode of  the Justice Man TV and was extremely irritated by the fact of all the monsters losing to him, he asked to his father when there would be a villain that could defeat Justice Man but he was denied by saying to him that all the monsters in the end will die because they are monsters.

Unable to accept the fact he decided to become the strongest monster and never lose, and to change the scenario.

He is later seen as an adult training with Bang, but when the training was complete he disabled many of the students, including Sour Face, leading Bang to beat him and expelling him from the dojo.

He reappeared talking with Saitama asking him who he was, the latter responded to that he's "The Villain".

The Truth

Garou at one point lost the faith he had in heroes: although he desired to be a hero he wasn't sure what it takes and needs to be one. Additionally he was not sure if he becomes a hero he could own up to his status. Due to his problematic childhood, Garou had come to believe that might is the justice.

Garou saw a world fraught with injustices, and heroes are impure and corrupted that drives mankind to evilness. To make the world a fair place Garou sought to become the 'ultimate villain' he thought the world needs. He believes what the world needs is not a hero committed to partial and falsified peace that eventually drives mankind to evil path, but an ultimate villain who destroys equally.

After causing great deal of rampage and sent many of heroes crippled and hospitalized, Garou finally met with Saitama... Only to be defeated by him easily. After hearing some lectures from Saitama, doing some quick soul searching and testimonies from a child whom Garou saved from harm during his fight against heroes Garou rediscovered what he had truly wanted to become: a hero. Realizing this Garou fled the scene, leaving everyone but Saitama to wonder where Garou had gone to.


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