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Garnier de Naplouse

It's not what I believe... it's what I know
~ Garnier de Naplouse's final words.

Garnier de Naplouse is a supporting antagonist from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. He is one of the nine Templars, and the second one to die by Altaïrs hand. He is also a doctor and the Grand master of the Knights Hospitalier. He resides in the poor district of Acre. Garnier is one of the crusaders under King Richard Lionheart and a secret member of the Knights Templar.


Garnier de Naplouse had to leave France after he was accused of treating his patients cruelly. He thought of them only as test-subjects, and not as actual humans. He later did the same thing in Acre, but remained undiscovered. He took his patients from the surrounding cities Damascus and Jerusalem, and he would never let them leave. He claims he is a man of knowledge, but he lacks ethics.


Garnier de Naplouse was assassinated by Altaïr within his Hospitalier Fortress. He was attending to his victims. He had just broken the legs of a man that was trying to escape. He kept claiming he was actually helping his patients, as they were all poor and ill, and he gave them a new purpose in life, fighting the war for the Templar order. Later, King Richard accused Altair of killing three of his best men (Garnier, William and Sibrand) and Altair justified his deeds by telling Richard that Garnier sought to indoctrinate innocents to his will and use them as mere test subjects in his terrifying experiments.

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