~ Garma's last words as he tried to ram his Gaw into the White Base.

Garma Zabi is the youngest son of Degwin Sodo Zabi and brother of Gihren, Kycilia and Dozle. While his siblings were mean, Garma was more handsome. Degwin loved his youngest son as well as the other Zeon forces.


While in California, Garma was contacted by his schoolmate Char Aznable that the White Base was sent into Zeon territory and that he would need backup. Garma agreed to help his friend destroy the White Base.

Garma later held a party at his residence with Char and his lover Icelina Eschonbach. However, Garma is soon called away to his Gaw fleet. While the White Base hides in a sports dome as Amuro and his Gundam distract the enemy, the Red Comet fools his friend into thinking that the White Base is near the Gundam, when the White Base was behind them! As the White Base, Guncannon and Guntank fire at the fleet, Garma was completely defenseless. Char admits that he had set Garma up for the fall and that his father is to blame. With anger, Garma prepares to ram his Gaw into the White Base but it goes higher into the air. Garma died when the Gaw went up with Garma inside, throwing both Icelina and his father Degwin into despair. Gihren later used his funeral as an opportunity to give a speech radicalizing and inspiring the Zeon army.