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Gareth is one of the main characters of the ABC sitcom Galavant. He was the right hand man and bodyguard of King Richard, and is now the King.

He is portrayed by Vinnie Jones.


At the age of 10, Gareth was assigned to be King Richard's head guard. He served him loyally into adulthood becoming a feared enforcer of Richard's rule.

He was acknowledged to be a great fighter even by Galavant who admits if they were to clash it would probably end in a draw.

During that time he proudly claimed to have literally squeezed the life out of his own father.

One day King Richard became smitten with Madalena but his attempts at wooing her failed. Gareth was then ordered to kidnap her and bring her to the castle. He was present at the forced wedding between the King and Madalena and witnessed Galavant interrupting the ceremony. He was about to engage him in battle when Galavant dropped his weapon.

Instead of fighting Galavant professed his love for Madalena and in a shocking turn of events to she spurned him. Madalena willingly chose to wed the King prompting Gareth to bring Galavant to his knees with a punch to his stomach.

Gareth then allowed King Richard to get in a hit in as well which proved to be far less effective. Gareth to took over the rest of the beating which he started by delivering a stomp to Galavant's face.