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Gardulla the Elder is a Hutt crime lord in the Star Wars franchise.


Gardulla is one of the two most powerful crime lords on Tatooine, the other being her rival Jabba the Hutt. Despite having numerous conflicts with her rival, Gardulla managed to have a wealthy empire through slavery. She at somepoint had Anakin Skywalker and his mother as slaves until she lost them to Watto in a podracing bet.

She also lost a lot of money due to gambling but still had her slaving business that eventually shuts down because the Republic outlawed slavery. Gardulla was arrested and sentenced to life prison. She managed to escape and reinstate her criminal empire.

During the Boonta Eve Podracing Race, Gardulla betted on Sebulba and hired her dancer to find someone to sabotage Anakin's podracer to ensure her winnings. However, the saboteur targetted the wrong podracer and Anakin won the race.

Involvement with the Bando Gora

Sometime after the race, Gardulla made deals with the Bando Gora and their leader Komari Vosa. She used her vast connections to help the cult transport the death sticks. At the same time, Gardulla hired Longo Two-Guns to
Gardulla the Hutt

Gardulla on her personal skiff.

attack Jabba's territories which resulted with four of Jabba's associates. Jabba posted a bounty on Longo which was collected by Jango Fett. Fett's partner Zam Wessel inflitrated Gardulla's place but was later captured and imprisoned by Gardulla.

Jango Fett confronted Gardulla and questioned her about Komari Vosa. The Hutt refused to tell Jango anything and told him that he didn't what he was up against. Jango pushed Gardulla from her throne into her krayt dragon who ate her shortly after Jango stated that "Jabba sends his regards." Gardulla managed to crawl out of the dragons's stomach and survived her encounter with the bounty hunter.

Gardulla with Dancer

Gardulla during the Clone Wars.

During the Clone Wars Gardulla represented Jabba as head of the Hutt Council on Nal Hutta where she was tasked in retrieving a holo-diary containing crimes that would hurt the families from Jabba's uncle Ziro the Hutt. Ziro later escaped her clutches and hired Cad Bane to bring him back or find the diary. Bane returned with neither.

At the time of Galactic Civil War, Empire started to ban all slavery except theirs. Jabba asked Gardulla to make a deal - she would get all slavery operations, while he would have all other criminal activities. Soon, Gardulla was arrested by the Empire and disappeared.


  • She was voiced by Susan Boyd.
  • Gardulla makes an appearance in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.