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The Garden of Eyes is a tertiary antagonist of 2016 stop-motion animated film, Kubo and the Two Strings, a monsters living in the bed of Long Lake acting as a guardian to the second part of Hanzo's magical armor, the Breastplate Impenetrable.


It is unknown if the Garden of Eyes has an actual will of its own, acting as protector to the breastplate. The Garden of Eyes seems to have the mindset of an animal, merely interesting in catching its prey.

Powers and Abilities

The Garden of Eyes (as its namesake implies) possesses an unknown number of eyes that is capable of entrancing anyone unfortunate enough to look in its gaze. Because the Garden of Eyes does not actively chase after Kubo and Beetle, it can be assumed that the Garden of Eyes is fixed into the lake bed and is unable to move.


  • The Garden of Eyes holds mild resemblance to the Charybdis, a sea-monster of Greco-Roman Mythology characterized as a gaping may at the bottom of the sea bed, creating a whirlpool that sucks any ship that sails into it.
  • It is never explicitly stated how the Garden came to be, but it is very likely that the Moon King himself created it (or had it made on his behalf).

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