The Garanda Empire makes its appearance prior to Gorgos's death, taking the Gaga Armlet for their own use as they go on a campaign of terrorist attacks on Tokyo to make it into their seat of power before going after the rest of the world. Led by the mysterious "Ruler" and stationed underground in trap-filled base, the Garanda Empire also uses Beastmen as their kaijin.


After the destruction of Geddon, the organization's leader Emperor Zero stole the Gaga Bracelet after the Ten-Faced Demon's destruction and targeted Kamen Rider Amazon's Gigi Armlet.



Garanda Empire Kaijin

  • Bee Beastman
  • Diving Beetle Beastman
  • Toad Beastman
  • Tiger Beetle Beastman
  • Owl Beastman
  • Mushroom Beastman
  • Sea Anemone Beastman
  • Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel Beastman
  • Salamander Beastman


  • Black Followers