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Gaoh Kyougoku Hinowanokami or just Gaoh is the main villain and final boss of Samurai Shodown V.


Gaoh was the lord of the Hinowa province and one of the Tokugawa's generals, as well as the mentor of Yoshitora Tokugawa, current heir to the shogunate. When the Tenmei famine hits the land, Yoshitora and his father become indifferent to the situation, bringing even more chaos. Unable to take it any longer, Gaoh stages a rebellion against the shogunate, gathering various followers to his cause. Seeking for the power to succeed, Gaoh allowed himself to be possessed by the Dark Emperor

When Yoshitora hears about Gaoh's rebellion, he reluctantly goes after his former master to stop him. Various other warriors also go after him for their own motives. The two eventually fight each other, with the Dark Emperor fully taking control over Gaoh's body before being defeated. Liu Yunfei, who had been possessed by the Dark Emperor before, draws out the demon into his own body, so that Gaoh could finish him for good. Now free from his possession, Gaoh begs for Yoshitora to take his responsibilities as shogun for the sake of people, which Yoshitora finally agrees, as the final wish of his former master.


  • An alternate form of Gaoh named Demon Gaoh appears as the final boss of Samurai Shodown VI.
  • Gaoh's design was based on Oda Nobunaga.

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