The GaohLiner was built by the king of an ancient civilization. In the time of said civilization, it was referred to by its actual name, God's Train, due to having the power to control all of time, able to easily erase Singularity Points. Due to the vastness of its power, the king sealed the GaohLiner away within the time of its creation. Gaoh sought use of the train, tricking Yukimura into unsealing the cave in which the GaohLiner was sealed in. Upon its release, Gaoh wreaks havoc upon the feudal village before heading into 1988, intent on erasing Ryotaro for having interfered. The GaohLiner battles Zeronos Vega Form until Gaoh attempts to escape in it, engaging the DenLiner/ZeroLiner combo in a battle between the time-trains and is destroyed by them when the combined time-train ran straight through it from head to end with its drill, undoing the damage caused by it, though Gaoh managed to bail out in time. Despite its awesome power of erasing time, it lacks offensive power compared to the DenLiner and ZeroLiner, only having two weapons that failed to do much damage to either of the other time-trains


GaohLiner Kiba is the first car. In Battle Mode, it has jaws like a crocodile, which can not only bite through targets but fire a powerful energy beam.

Other cars

GaohLiner Kiba is followed by several other train cars which do not have any offensive capabilities. They are black, like Kiba, and have two rows of bronze ridges running along the tops of the cars similar to a crocodile's scales on its back. Within each car is a barrage of missiles that are shot at an enemy.