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Ganon... this beast was once of the Gerudo... Once human. He was called Ganondorf! King of Darkness; ancient demon reborn.
~ Zelda, about the second Ganon in Four Sword Adventures.

Ganon (also called Mandrag Ganon in early English versions) is the mightier, demonic form of Ganondorf; with whom he interchangeably appears as the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda video game series.

As the reincarnation of Demise, Ganon is the King of Evil of the Zelda universe, who rules over the Dark World, and seeks the Triforce to gain the power of the Golden Goddesses and claim the world as his own. He is locked in permanent conflict with the protagonists Link and Princess Zelda throughout history.

Non Canon/Alternate Universe

Hyrule Warriors

Ganon (Hyrule Warriors)

Ganon, as seen in Hyrule Warriors

Ganon serves as the final boss in this game inspired from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. He is very similar to his aspect from Twilight Princess, albeit with a much more demonic vibe. He resembles a gigantic lion-like boar with huge, muscular humanoid arms, a large mane, two pairs of tusks of different size, glowing yellow eyes, and enormous horns on his shoulders, (in fact two beak-like mouths full of sharp teeth). He retains the ginger hair, now looking like a mane, the gold bracers, and the jewel on his forehead, now purplish blue and glowing, that he had in his human form and hides a demonic eye on his left forearm.

After Ganondorf corrupted Cia and used her to return on Hyrule, he manipulated the events to gain the complete Triforce and take over Hyrule, turning the land into a twisted and demonic place. When defeated by the protagonists he turns into Ganon and engages the final battle. (He also serves as the final boss of the Adventure Mode, when Cia summons him.)

The final battle can prove very hard, for Ganon is immensely fast and powerful, and uses tremendous attacks. Link and his allies must first fend off hordes of monsters to reach him. He attacks by levitating in the air to breathe a continuous stream of fire, by swinging his firsts around, by opening his horn-mouths to fire dangerous barrages of spikes, by hurling a fiery sphere, and by causing an explosion of lightning.

The heroes must use the hookshot to grab his tail when he levitates and attack it; use bombs when he is charging his fiery sphere; shot arrows into the eye on his arm when he is charging an explosion of lightning; and use the gale boomerang to destroy his horn-mouths. When one of his body parts is destroyed, he can no longer attack with it.

The second stage of the battle is even more challenging. Ganon starts charging around, rising sky-high to drop on his enemies, emitting flashes of purple light from the jewel on his forehead to blast the ground and send rocks flying, conjuring bolts of red lightning from the sky and hurling devastating blasts of red lightning. The heroes must avoid his attacks until Zelda grants them the Light Arrows. When the jewel on Ganon's forehead glows purple, the heroes and their troops must fire Light Arrows at it to stun him, before pummelling him, ending in a strike on his forehead. The process must be repeated until the Demon King is defeated for good.

Hyrule Warriors DLC

Ganon is playable in this extension, in a mode called "Ganon's Fury". Ganon is huge, towering over all bosses (save from the Imprisoned) and does not need to knock them out to harm them, being able to pummel them through sheer might and to send dozens of enemies flying with one blow. In spite of his immense power, he is rather slow and loses health quickly. (Otherwise, he would have been completely invincible, ruining the challenge.)

Ganon can charge, strike with his claws, infuse his fist with dark energy to cause a blast by striking the ground, and hurl four blasts of red lightning. When he kills a boss, he gains his special attack: King Dodongo's fiery sphere, Gohma's explosion of lightning, Manhandla's barrages of spikes and Argorok's flaming breath. By striking a boss with the special attack it is weak against, Ganon can knock them out and deliver a devastating blow with his trident.

Many bosses will appear and try to attack Ganon in a group, which can prove bothersome. Ganon must target the boss called the Lord of the Horde, and if possible isolate it from the other bosses. He gains the special attack by slaying the Lord of the Horde and not the normal bosses. Sometimes, the Great Fairy will appear and heal all the bosses repeatedly, making her the primary target.

Ancient Stone Tablets

Despite his body's destruction in A Link to the Past, Ganondorf's rage allowed him to remain conscious and his soul returned to the Dark World. When Ganondorf is ressurected, he takes on the form of Ganon once again and fights the Hero of Light in an attempt to take their power to fully revive himself, though he is far weaker than in A Link to the Past as he only has the Triforce of Wisdom, he still manages to fight evenly with the hero until he is heavily damaged by the Hero's Silver Arrows.

The Legend of Zelda (comic series)

In the Zelda comic series, Ganon is ressurected after the events of The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. Ganondorf appears primarily in his regular Ganondorf form, but also makes some appearances in his Ganon form.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

Ganon appears in The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest game included in Nintendo Land. Ganon has once again returned to Hyrule and begun a plan to take it over, Ganon is also noted to possess the full Triforce.

In the first encounter with Ganon, he appears at the top of his castle and creates spiked balls to throw at the hero, teleports, spins his Trident to block the hero, and slashes the hero with his dark sword. After his defeat Ganon will return later for his last stand, his damage and health increase but he is eventually defeated by the hero.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Ganon, in his appearance from Twilight Princess, appears as the Final Smash of Ganondorf in the game. Ganondorf will transform, stomp the opponent into the ground, and the surround himself with the dark energy and speed across the screen.


Demon King Ganon

A fans attempt at showing how a fusion of Ganon's modern and classic designs would look.

Ganon has taken on many forms throughout the series. Ganon's primary appearance is that of a giant blue boar creature who wears crimson robes, and armor adorned with spikes and skulls. He takes this form in The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords Adventures, and A Link Between Worlds. However in several appearances Ganon's appearance has changed. In Ocarina of Time, Ganon appears as a massive green boar with the orange hair of his human form, he also retains some of Ganondorf's clothing and has two massive horns resembling that of a ram.
King ganon

King Ganon

In Twilight Princess, Ganon appears as a Dark Beast and is quadrupedal instead of bipedal. He resembles a cross between a boar, a wolf, and a lion. He has a massive dark body with a huge glowing scar down his body and a massive red haired mane.

After merging with Yuga and becoming YuGanon he appears as Ganon's body with grey skin, Yuga's hair, shoes, and part of his ripped robe. His eyes are also a blank white colour.

Hyrule: Total War

King Ganon appears in the non-official game Hyrule Total War, as the ruler of the Moblins, and one of the separate versions of Ganon to appear in the this game. He looks like a mix between his usual Blue Boar aspect and his Devil-like appearance in Ocarina of Time. He also wields his trident of power.

His parents murdered and his homeland scorched by Hyruelan Knights during his childhood, Ganon made it his lifelong goal to return the favour. Despising everything about the Hylians, Ganon will not rest until he slaughters every single one of them and defiles their holy relics. A massive creature in his own right, while his size certainly is something to be terrified of the true feature of Ganon that all fear is his cunning and intelligence. While not exactly a scholar, Ganon's skill in commanding, organising, and strategy nearly lead him to topple the Kingdom of Hyrule once and for all.


Ganon is pretty much the same as Ganondorf, and Demise before him, being cruel, ruthless, hateful, greedy, power-hungry, manipulative, overconfident, and condescending, who would stop at nothing to turn the world into a dark and twisted place under his rule. However, he is much more violent, destructive, and unhinged. In the games in which both Ganondorf and Ganon are fought during the climax, Ganondorf's fighting style focuses more on skills and tactics, while Ganon is about brute strength and destructive attacks. (When only Ganon is fought, he usually mixes raw might and tactics, such as his "Technique of Darkness" in A Link to the Past.)

While there are occurrences in which Ganon is reduced to a mindless, feral and raging demon, he most often retains Ganondorf's immense intelligence and knack for using both heroes and villains without them knowing, to further his goals from the shadows. And while his second incarnation from Four Swords Adventure is extremely arrogant and dismisses the heroes as weaklings even in defeat; he usually acknowledges Link's and Zelda's merits and develops a grudging respect for them, such as in A Link to the Past.

As Calamity Ganon, he retains his cunning nature by corrupting and taking control of the ancient weapons which had lead to his previous defeat, turning them on the people of Hyrule. However this is contrasted by his destructive nature, bringing ruin and calamity to much of Hyrule.

Powers and Abilities

Ganon is frighteningly powerful. He has divine control over evil, monsters and demons, and all malevolent beings will pledge obedience to him. He also has complete dominion over the Dark World, which makes anyone and anything inside monstrous, and can send people there to transform them into monsters at his command. But even without the Dark World, he can twist and corrupt his surroundings at will, spread his evil energy all around, and cause disasters, endless nights, storms, earthquakes or other creepy happenings.

Ganon can teleport itself , transform, summon monsters, spawn immensely powerful demonic beings, resurrect and empower his followers, create projections of himself, create evil artifacts, cast powerful curses, alter his surroundings, or warp dimensions to reverse his foe's sense of direction, among many impressive feats of magic. He controls the elements, with a strong affinity for fire attacks, and can unleash demonic energy. Finally, he has unfathomable strength and skill with weapons, causing tremors with a jump or a ground punch, in addition to an exceptional agility despite his massive size.

In Breath of the Wild, Ganon is capable of resurrecting himself and was in the process of doing so when he is confronted by Link in Hyrule Castle, forcing him to fight in his Calamity Ganon form wielding ancient weaponry. After being defeated, Ganon resorts to transforming into Dark Beast Ganon, becoming an entity composed of Malice. His reasons for doing so differ between the japanese and english versions. In the original japanese, he takes this form as a result of his refusal to give up on reincarnating himself, while the english states he has given up on resurrecting himself and took the form in a desperate attempt to destroy Link. Regardless, the form causes him to become a being of pure rage and malice, losing any cunning and intelligence he possessed as Calamity Ganon.

Like his Gerudo form Ganondorf who could create phantoms, Ganon can create phantoms of himself as shown by the four Scourges of the Divine Beasts with each representing one element: Fire, Water, Thunder, and Wind. Calamity Ganon could also produce an evil substance known as Malice which can be created from water polluted by Ganon's evil during the Great Calamity, though Malice can be seen as an extension of Calamity Ganon and his phantoms as their bodies are often composed of the substance. Malice can be used to possess Guardians and create Cursed Bokoblins, Cursed Moblins, and Cursed Lizalfos which are mindless flying skulls that spawn from mouths made of Malice. Glowing Eyeballs are also connected to these pools and serve as weak points which can be destroyed to remove pools of Malice. Malice damages Link if he comes in contact with it. Malice act as barriers which must be either removed or force Link to go around them. Ganon can also empower certain monsters to create stronger variants such as the Silver and Gold enemy variants. He can also resurrect monsters and horses as undead or "Stal" variants. At midnight during a Blood Moon, Calamity Ganon's power reaches its peak, allowing him to resurrect the souls of slain or fallen monsters and Yiga Clansmen (with the exception of Master Kohga). He can also reconstruct any defeated Guardians he has corrupted. This gives him an army that cannot be vanished completely, unless Calamity Ganon himself is defeated, however he is apparently unable to resurrect his phantoms. Like his original Gerudo form Ganondorf, Calamity Ganon retains his cunning nature as shown by his corruption of the Guardians and Divine Beasts, completely catching his enemies off guard.


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