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Gankoomon is the main villain in the "bonus story" in Digimon adventure (PSP)


Gankoomon is very humanoid looking,with firery-red hair and small red marks on his cheeks.His body is very robotic and muscular,some fans have drawn comparisons between him and Justimon and silphymon in terms of apperance. He has a dragon-like digimon on his back,the digimon is named Hinukamui (as a reference to the japanese deity)

Skills and powers

Gankoomon is very powerful,as he is a member of the Royal knights.Though little known about his attacks,he is shown to be a fist fighter,and a very good melee combat expert. He's also shown to have some pyromatic-style skills,most involving Hinukamui.

As a villains

Little is known about Gankoomon in general,it is shown that he abused Huckmon,and he shows up as the final boss in Digimon Adventure (PSP).It appears that he cloned several Mega-level digimon and forced them to attack their masters (Wargreymon,Magnamon,Gallontmon etc).

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