The unnamed Gang are a group of antagonists that appear in the 2006 French film Ils (translated Them in English).

Role in the film

The gang are a group that begin attacking the two protagonists Clémentine and Lucas at their country house in France. At the beginning of the movie, the gang attack a mother and daughter who have broken down in the middle of nowhere. The mother is first kidnapped (and most likely killed) and the daughter is strangled to death in the car by one of the attacks, thus foreshadowing how brutal the gang were.

The next night the gang attack the country house and steal Clémentine and Lucas' car and cut the power so they can't escape or call for help. The gang make their way into the house and attack Lucas. Whilst investigating on the roof, Clémentine accidentally knocks one of the members off and to his death, angering the rest of them. Clémentine and Lucas escape the house and into the woods.

Clémentine is later captured and Lucas chases after them. Tracing her screams to the sewers, he witnesses Clémentine being tortured by a teenage boy with a young boy begging him to stop. Lucas kills the teenager and the younger boy offers them to "escape". However when climbing a ladder, the young boy knocks Lucas off and he is dragged away. Clémentine makes her way through a tunnel however gets trapped, and is dragged away by the gang to her death.

In the morning, the remaining gang members (one of them also shown to being a young girl) board a school bus. The ending texts reveal the murderers were aged from 10–15 years old and were later arrested by police. When one of them were asked why they committed the crimes, he replied "Because they wouldn't play with us."


The gangs dress in a grey hooded sweaters, with the hood up and their faces obscured for most of the film.


  • The 2008 film The Strangers appears to take inspiration from the film. A group of 3 strangers torment the 2 protagonists in the film (who are also a couple) in a similar way the gang do. Only difference is that the Strangers evaded arrest by the end of the film. Another similar idea was used in the 2013 film The Purge in which a group of 'Purgers' led by the Polite Leader begin attacking a family home.