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Gameleojin Neo-Shocker Kaijin
Gameleojin (ガメレオジン Gamereojin?, 1) is a chameleon-based cyborg who can use his tongue as a weapon while able to blend in his environment and assume the forms of others. Deployed to capture Professor Shido, Gameleojin murders Tsukuba's friends in retaliation for the young man's first interference. Managing to mortally wound Tsukuba, Gameleojin was originally welcoming the converted cyborg to Neo-Shocker's ranks until ordered to execute him. Though fatally wounded by Skyrider's Sky Kick, Gameleojin gloated that the Kamen Rider would die as well in his final breath.

Gameleojin as seen in ZX.

He was later revived to serve the Badan Empire, then destroyed by Space-time Fracture System.

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