Gamagiras Neo-Shocker Kaijin
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Gamagiras (ガマギラス Gamagirasu?, 38): A toad monster. Neoshocker plans to recruit unwary civilians into Ari Commandos using a fake million yen salary scam. The new recruits are obviously not given any money and subjected to hideous amounts of torture, including lobotomy before they are officially installed within Neoshocker ranks. Gamagirasu is the mutant warden to this recruitment installation and his task is to defend the facility and kill any intruders. His powers consist of hurling his unique "Ibo Bakudan" (Wart Bombs) from his body, spraying a sticky and evaporative oil from his nozzle arm, constricting enemies with his tongue, moving around by hopping, and covers himself with said oil. The oil serves as lubricant making attempts to grab and hit him useless. The tongue attack can also drip out droplets of this oil that will easily evaporate targets. The oil manages to be evaporated by Stronger's Electric Shock. Destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Arms Drop.