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These are zombies who infested the Galleria Mall during Jude's nightmare sequence in the 6teen special, "Dude of the Living Dead".

List of 6teen characters who get turned into zombies (nearly complete)

  • Tricia
  • Julie
  • Caitlin's boyfriend Talon
  • Coach Halder
  • Serena
  • Yummy Mummy
  • Stanley
  • Darth
  • The Khaki Clones
  • Ron the Rent-a-Cop
  • Jen
  • Nikki (unseen)
  • Caitlin (unseen)
  • Jonesy (unseen)
  • Wyatt (unseen)
  • Pokey the Panda
  • The Mini-Dudes
  • Blade and Christo
  • Chad
  • The Greeter Male shoppers
  • The Greeter Female shoppers
  • Stuart Goldstein

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