Galle (pronounced Gale and translated as such in fan translations) is the lover of Miledy and a prominent enemy unit, though not necessarily an "evil" character. As far as skill was concerned, Galle was technically supposed to be the third Dragon General of Bern, as opposed to Nacien. However, the latter put forth the complaint that Galle was not even a native of Bern and effectively swiped the position for himself. Galle is not bitter about this, however, and continues to serve Zephiel faithfully. While Nacien was alive he served as Murdock's lieutenant. He later becomes the third Dragon General after Nacien is dishonorably demoted and killed. Galle appears with a squad of Wyvern Riders to aid his fellow Dragon General Murdock. Unlike most named non-boss enemy characters, he cannot be recruited by the player even when spoken to by his lover Miledy and protégé Zeiss.