Gallantmon is one of the thirteen Royal Knights in the Digimon franchise, acting as a guardian of the network. Gallantmon is also one of the two Megas of the Guilmon digivolution line, the other being Megidramon. Although Gallantmon is considered the benevolent Mega level Digimon compared to its more draconic counterpart, it has been known to work for certain unsavory characters from time to time, like King Drasil.


Gallantmon is a Mega Class Digimon that looks like a knight with a lance and shield. His entire body is white with an hint of red and gold, with symbols, He has a long strand of hair and his helmet has the top half of Guilmon's (Gallantmon's rookie form) head, and wears a long red cape.

Role in the Games

Gallantmon appears as a boss alongside fellow Royal Knights Omnimon and Alphamon in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Gallantmon can also be unlocked if players digivolve a WarGrowlmon.

Role in the Anime

Digimon Data Squad

Gallantmon is a member of the Royal Knights. He was first seen with the other Royal Knights. When he came to the Real World he easily defeated the DATS. When he just about to finish them off Kentaurosmon, a former member of the Royal Knights came and rescued DATS. The two Royal Knights fought each other, but instead of killing Gallantmon, Kentaurosmon used his Icy Breath to freeze both him and Gallantmon, and falling in the water.

Gallantmon's Return

While DATS were fighting King Drasil, Gallantmon came out of nowhere and saves them. It turned out that Kentaurosmon used his data to melt the ice turning him back to Kudamon. Gallantmon and the other members of the Royal Knights that were still alive, came to stop King Drasil from destroying both worlds. They helped Craniamon to keep the two worlds from colliding. After Marcus and Agumon defeated King Drasil, the remaining members of Royal Knights returned to the Digital World so they can keep the Digital World from going to chaos.


  • Lightning Joust / Royal Joust
  • Shield of the Just / Final Purification


  • Gallantmon's Ultimate form is WarGrowlmon
  • In Digimon Tamers Gallantman is one of the Heroes while in Data Squad he is one of the antagonist