Gali is one of Moo's Big Bad Four. He came from Monster Type of the same name that has the appearance of a sun mask and a cape, and is otherwise invisible.


Gali is the second of the Big Bad Four to fight the Searchers. They found his castle in Silk City, where he trapped them in his sand cave. He used Gali Finale to drain their energy, but Mocchi escaped the attack and tried to save the others and fight Gali. Eventually the others regained their energy, escaped the sand cave, and fought Gali. Gali had the advantage, but when Genki damaged his mask, he entered a terrible rage and used Gali Hurricane in an attempt to destroy them. Mocchi learned the Mocchi Cannon and hit Gali with it, killing him.

In Season 3, he returned as a purified monster (as he was resurrected as a purified mystery disk when Moo was destroyed). He was defeated by Naga in the tournament. Though he initially appeared interested in joining Durahan, he changed his mind to stay in good side by ruined an ambush set up by Durahan's servants.

Powers and Abilities

Gali has a huge truckload of combat skills where like other Galis, mystical in nature.

  • Gali Strike aka. Solar Strike: Conjure a winged creature of pure light that punch its way to his foes
  • Gali Finale: Magically drained his foes' energy. In Gali's case, he even enchanted sands that he used to bury the heroes into conduit of this technique.
  • Gali Punch aka. Solar Knuckle: Conjure a large hand made of light to punch his enemies.
  • Gali Press: Conjure large energy hand to press his enemies to the ground.
  • Wall of Fire: Conjure a solid fiery wall to deflect his enemies' attacks.
  • Spin Cutter: Melee attack where he took off his mask and throws it like a throwing star or Frisbee at his enemies.
  • Gali Hurricane: Spun around and transformed into a destructive tornado that can destroy everything around him.