Galdo Gasper
Galdo Gasper is a villain from Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?, Galdo is the leader of Fores Garo a community infamous for its kidnapping of women and children.


A long time ago he kidnapped the women and children of the opposing communities and blackmailed them to participate in his games and taken several children as hostages for the other communities obedience and murdered most of the hostages the first day he has taken them in and has enjoyed doing after his first time doing it without realizing it, some time later he showed up and introduced himself to Asuka and You and tries to force them to join Fores Garo only for them to refuse and having Asuka forcing him to reveal his secrets and he smiles while telling the the terrible truth only for Asuka to command him to shut his mouth with disgust of his actions he then transforms into his Tiger form only to be restrained by You and so Asuka and You challenge him to a Gift Game, later on Leticia bites him and transforms into a demon of vampiric origin and makes the community turn into a jungle with vines covering and thickening the mansion. Later, Jin identifies that a vampire has given Galdo a Beastification gift which would not make any effect to what Asuka and You's powers eventually You found the sword that will kill Galdo only to fail, later on You gives Asuka the Sword and she burns his mansion and so Galdo chased Asuka to the forest only to be killed by her.